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In the middle of 4 collabs right now… epic…

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On with the Songs!

My newest (finished) song! The Triumph (collab)

The Triumph (George/Hipstah)

A Vanishing Age
Threatening Voyage
The Straight and Narrow Path
Shinning Through (2)
Skull n’ Cross-Bones
The Gladiators
The Chase([Loop]Finished)
We Shall Live(Just piano considered orchestration?)

This Thing Will Not Win
Passionate Insanity

Perplexing Peril_♥


A Happy Techno Song (ounouncing my return after a week of absence xP)!
:B… O_o?..
Synthesize Fusion
A Dream

A Walk in the Park


Interrupted Dream
Requiem for a Dream (remix)
Continuing The Journey
The Milky Way


Breakin Down


The 13th Day

(many more to come)

Stylish Stroll (UnderKhaoS/George)
Rockish Techno! (George/Yellowtail)
Remixed Remix (Hellstick/George)
The Universe’s Limit (George/Yellowtail)

Thank You! Hope you enjoyed my songs!

License Disclaimer:

These songs are owned (or remixed by) George C. Van Liew.
Copyright (C) 2010 George C. Van Liew

These songs are under certain protections : you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License or
any later versions.

This means you may not redistribute it under your name or anyone-else’s name other than George C. Van Liew. Any remixes of George C. Van Liew’s music must have his name listed as the original author in plain sight for viewers of your work to see.

All Illegal operations that you do can and will be brought against you in court.

See this for the license: http://www.gnu.org/licenses.



Definitely changing my username for V3

my thread is getting a plastic surgery xP

Oh, you’ll be getting rid of the Comic Sans?

comic sans? um… whats that?

The font which looks like this.

But looks like you already did!

yes… I did… xP

Well its FINISHED! for now… wada you guys think?

Well… My flash player just now crashed in the middle of me working on the song… so it’ll be abit before I get my part posted…

Sorry for the delay

'sall right… xD