Get Hammered by Hellstick


Featured (again).

I be trollin’, rating every newly featured songs ‘1 star’

Oh you:P

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In Star’s ratings, 5/5 is seen as absolute, ultimate perfection. Getting 4/5 or more is very rare.

Also I’d love you to do a collab. As you’re my favourite writers.

I think I had a slight eargasm there.

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Please don’t do that.

Sorry, Dude, I’m Collabing With im Right Now.

You can work on more than one song at the same time. ;]

What a surprise…i didn’t already know this
and Scourge…i finished about 3 collabs while making ours…and started another 3 or so at the same time XD

Back on topic y’all

I’m not even kidding. I cried after this song. I’m still crying! wipes off eyes with tissue

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That is probably the longest song that I have heard! Its a awesome song! I love it! 5/5

You want a longer song?

Hellstick is a music demon, That song is AWESOME dude!!!

I had no idea this track would get this manny replys!
Thanks a lot for the support guys:)


gets hammered
listens to song

I am making a remix instead of regular it’s getting hammered by amy the hedge hog

You’re welcome

P.S. you said Manny, Handy Manny (I cant belive i still remember his name ), or greg’s little brother