Getting rid of delay between sounds?

I’ve got a bunch of sounds and I’m trying to play them together to make things like chords, but when I use for(sound:Sound in chord_peices){;} there’s a noticeable delay between the first sound and the last one, is there a way to get rid of this delay if the sounds are in mp3 files?

First of all, this is the wrong section. Secondly, Depends what you mean. If you mean you are having different numbers on the top, you will have to shorten the note. If they are on the same Number, then you should put the notes closer together, or make then half or Whole notes, OR Cuztom

I think he means in flash games in general because this is the “Flash” section… read the whole thing… and sorry, don’t know

I wish I knew all this technical jargon (rock)