Google Chrome Problem

Ok, I’ve got a problem. Whenever I click any link to any part of the notessimo website while using Google Chrome, it makes me download the php file. This just started happening half an hour ago. Now I am using Internet Explorer.
Also, every other site I tried with Google Chrome worked normally.
Any ideas?

something a bit like happened to me a few secs ago, im on IE and it told me to download it and if i tried to go into the site, it was a page with random letters,numbers,etc.

That’s strange. I’ve been using IE for years now, even when I started using Notessimo, and that has never happened to me on any website.

I’m now using Google Chrome on my PC and it is working fine. It was just my laptop.

I have the same problem. Let me just say that google chrome is not good. I like it but i cant play half the games i want to, i can’t watch certain videos, and some things just plain out don’t work right. I love how it shows all your favorite websites and all, but that doesn’t help me when half of them don’t work right. You know what i mean?


Firefox FTW!