Guess the brand of soup

inb4 someone says tomato.

Tomato is not a brand. you duckwad.


Nope. Progresso’s soups are more chunky, I think.

campbells soop

That’s what I’m implying. I know some idiot would have said “tomato!”

No that would be too easy!

Haha yes. Those soup-ignorant commoners probably wouldn’t know the difference between Minestrone and Ribollita.

well, I know it is cream of tomato soup. I did a reverse Image search in google. i found it on

I’m gonna guess Lipton, knowing that is wrong anyway.

Hacking is against the rules of this game.

No, they don’t do cream of tomato.

what the fuck im allowing this

river phoenix

its soup ss

You’re all so bad at this game.

Is this is a game to you?


No, this is some real soup shit.

I think that is some Kebabish Stuff?

أنا لا أعطي صاح عن هذه اللعبة بعد الآن. ك؟

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