Guess the Song by anonoymous

There are 7 songs. Theye are 2 measures long each. They are poorly made.


[details=Click to expand]Song 1 - Bad Apple (guessed by Skyriad)
Song 2 - Little Einsteins theme (guessed by c_diggity)
Song 3 - Gourmet Race (guessed by craykiller233)
Song 4 - Through the fire and flames by dragonForce (guessed by fischertechnic)
Song 5 - U.N. Owen was her? (guessed by qoby)
Song 6 - Zelda’s lullaby (guessed by craykiller223)
Song 7 - Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley (guessed by Fischertechnic)[/details]


First: bad apple

I will let the other for you.

(nice too)

Song 2: Little Einsteins

i wont guess all of them c:

Song 4: Through the FIre and Flames (Dragonforce)
Song 7: Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley) you got Rickrolled

Sry for taking the obvious ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Song 3: Gourmet Race from Kirby. kthx.

Song 6: Zelda’s Lullaby. i think.

So far they’re all right. Just one more left!

Song 5: ‘UN Owen Was Her?’

Good! We have all of them! no wrong answers! Well done guys.

Song 0 : None

we’re goin on a trip in our favorite rocket ship

song 1: bad apple
song 2: rocket ship
song 3: gourmet race
song 4: thru the fire and flames
song 5: un owen was her
song 6: zelda’s lullaby
song 7: never gonna give you up

heh, got rick roll’d in 2015. wow.