guitar solo by Unknown

How is this a guitar solo?

some 1 hack in to my acontet.



why is this even posted

that was beautiful

shut up the and underkhaoS

some 1 hack in to my acontetduur.

Cool story bro.

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If that’s true, then you should edit the song and replace this with the guitar solo that apparently was going to be here. Just trying to be helpful.

How old R U?! you can’t even spell!

it should be:


To be completely honest I’ve heard much worse on this webs tie unfortunately.

Funny, he still hasn’t reposted it. Do you know how to repost? I could help you.

im 7 my mommy and daddy told me the wong word.

Did you mean wrong, wong, or wang? Because you really suck at spelling! Not even I was that dumb when I was seven >.<! I knew how to do multiplication, addition, subtraction, fractions, negatives, I knew how to spell like an adult, I knew what sex was, etc. Although I did suck at drawing (And I still do, just not as bad). If you’re actually 7 (and not faking), then you should wait until you’re 10 years old (or older, I know I was 10 when I joined). I doubt you even have much talent with notessimo, YET. No offense intended (If you’re not a faker, you probably won’t understand half the things I said)

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You were some smart kid Link, I’m 11 and I have STILL have trouble with division