Guitarmania's Songs


I think the minimum is like 5 or 6…but if you make one or two songs this week, i approve

Yeah, really a mod should lock it because it has too few songs, but they are all really good and you are really good so I’ll approve. :] Hopefully it will grow over time.

I thought it was 7.

It really doesn’t have to be exact, it’s just a rough figure. It depends on each song’s quality, how often songs are being made, the composer’s attitude, improvement, song types etc. Really the mods just evaluate themselves what they think is right.

The only reason i didn’t choose to lock this thread is because he made at least 2 of those songs this week…therefor i expect another 1 or 2 this week which will make an acceptable amount of songs.

Wow, I’m sorry. I completly neglected to read the rules on how many songs required. But, yes, I will make a few more songs this week. Guaranteed 1, hopefully 2. Thanks guys!

Its mainly required to ask a mod, then its up to them to decide if you have enough songs…

I actually used 14 when i started my thread (that was an unnecessary amount though) but only because i thought DD12 didn’t like me after he didn’t reply for like 2 months XD

The mods told me it was 10 songs? Wtf. I approve though.

10 songs? Well…four more to go than (Even though it appears as this has already been approved).

There’s no need. The official rule is a minimum of 5 songs, and even that can be negotiable if the user has created a good enough song and asked prior to making a thread. It is unfortunate that you made this thread without asking, which is against the rules. However, I see no reason to lock the thread or ban the user, as the songs are decent enough and I assume you are still making songs.

Since you have passed the minimum limit, this thread has my seal of approval. Keep on making good music.

Okay! Thank you Star Wars XD. Good to know I have passed the minimum, though I would still like to exceed it. I apologize again for not asking, a mistake on my part, but thank you for your seal of approval! Time to go make some more music.

Why does my seal of approval not count? It was the second post D:

I didn’t intend any insult to you GS. You are a mod, and your opinion matters just as much as mine in this instance. I think the reason Hellstick took mine the way he did is because I made mine sound more…moddish, if you will. I had no uncertainty, and I have to admit the lack of understanding on this basic rule by the mods is somewhat alarming. I just wanted to set things straight.

You like taking things seriously, don’t you? I was just messing with you

The hell does ii have to do with all this?XD
I think you typed the wrong name SW:P

You’ve been a mod for a year too, and certainly act like one.

Hmm ok.

XD sorry. I’ve been monitoring your work and commenting on it mostly this past month, so I forgot this wasn’t your thread lol. Insert Guitarmania’s name where I put Hellstick’s in my post.