Half Burnt Pancakes Game Soundtrack Competition

My friends and I at Half Burnt Pancakes are developing a game, but are having trouble with the soundtrack, so we decided to host a competition here to get some music to be featured in the game. There will be 3 categories of songs: Ordinary Background Music, Character Themes, and Boss Battles. You can enter each category as many times as you like, but only 1 of your songs can count in the standings. Some of the characters we will need music for are, 4 drug kingpins, Bean, the one of flowers ad rainbows, Beanie, Bean’s emo twin brother, Miek the Jester, Adrian the King, Grassione the _____, Chasz the statue, and some final boss that is a robot. You do not have to be in the top 3 to have your music in the game either, but the top 3 in each category will earn a free game soundtrack, and a 2 week early access to the game.Everyone else whose music is featured in the game will receive a free soundtrack and free on time copy of the game. All files should be in mp3 format and named .mp3. Submit your files to bdander927@yahoo.com by March 12 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Music on!

Doesn’t sound legit…

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what even…


Proof of concept required.


Tip #1: Get an online presence. Something that we can prove that you are not just trying to send us malware through email and spam and/or doxxing. A quick google search of your name yields no results linking to games.

Tip #2: Don’t ask for emailing on a forum that which can provide you with the files anyway. Safety first – we can upload files on the forums ourselves.

Tip #3: If you’re asking for music, please give an idea as to what style you’d like. Drug Kingpins in a comedy game? Serious game? Cartoony, 2D, 3D, Realistic, etc. Music creators need to have an idea of what they are creating for.

Tip #4: Explain how this competition works i.e. format your post so that we can understand it. Are you picking? Is it a poll system? What do these categories imply? Is it only from notessimo?


Half of the time someone says they’re developing a game, all they have is a concept in their head and nothing else lmao


Sorry, I messaged a mod and got no reply so I went and posted this.

Thanks for the tips. It is a pixelated 2D comedy game, similar Undertale. Some friends of mine and I will hand pick the winners, and you don’t need to use Notessimo. If you want you can upload the songs to the forum also.

We are tying to release the demo by sometime this week.

Am I posting this in the wrong place? If I am please tell me where to post.

I don’t even know anymore.

Sorry, I posted a little prematurely and this was all a little half burnt. If there is any better way to do this please let me know.

I’m asking if you could show us your ideas.

Okay then, fair enough. But you’re still not giving enough information about the game. What you’re describing is awfully vague.

From the looks of it, you don’t have much of an idea what your own game actually is. It’s great that you have all these ideas for characters, but who are they? What’s their dialogue? Is there combat? Don’t be overzealous about game dev because if you really want to be successful with this, outline your plan rather than throwing out random ideas. Pick an engine, write out some bios and conversations, etc.

Anyways, about the music, that shouldn’t really be planned until you have something substantial created already. It’s probably a good idea to show everybody what your game is so they can determine from there what they will compose. Unless you don’t have much to show, then it’s probably not a good idea to be so gung-ho about things.

Undertale? Count me in…I think


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Last time I composed for a game it didn’t go so well. That was like 4 years ago, though and it didn’t really go anywhere from the first alpha.

I’ll try this again once we have the demo out because I myself haven’t played the game in full yet, I just design sprites and such.

Is it gonna be made with RPG maker?

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Yes, MV

Why not just compose the music yourself?

^because he’s bad at it

hey don’t be rude to a newbie on here.

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im not being rude tho


Why are you all so hostile? A guy comes here asking for music and you all immediately doubt him and make fun of him. Ugh.