HALO (original theme)

Im the biggest halo fan in da world!!!

Still some issues with it, I’m afraid.

its better than it use to be that much is certain. i havn’t been on much these past few months to work on it. plus with the items available right now i can not mesh portions together to make it a smooth run. Hopefully Notessimo will bring in double notes and other updates required to make true music. until then there are bound to be problems that are unable to be fixed.

i realize the drums go further than their suppose to however any shorter and there’d be a massive gap between the percussion entering into ther instrumental section of the song. I apologize for that and once the ability to split and combine sheets is available i will fix it post-haste. but until then this’ll probobly be the best adjusted recreation/copy of the original [NOT the mjolnir remix] Halo theme song.