Happily Doomed by Apocoloptogon

so here’s my new song.
This is probably the fastest I’ve ever made a song, about 4-5 days of working like 1-2 hours a day.
So again, not much of a song rather it is a bunch of ideas put together.
So tell me what you think of my SECOND v3 song.

the background was taken by me and edited with my compy


Another great work by apocoloptogon

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Really cool, probably will end up being favorite.

But that kick at 2:40 is giving me tinitus.

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i know it was really loud when I was working with it but I left it in i don’t know why

For some reason when I first heard that kick, i felt actually sick to my stomach. guess I couldn’t handle the awesomeness of the kick. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i think I was trying to replicate the absolutely massive dubstep they were blasting in my school gym that literally made my body rumble and the seats and floor just frickin shake from the super duper amazing sick beats.

I LOVE that guitar at 1:30! other than that the bass drum goes a little over the top at the end, it’s amazing.

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Wait, how did you fade in the distorted guitar like that?

Right click an instrument, press Edit. Theres a Fade In option in seconds.

The only thing i was thinking at the beginning of the song was metroid. :3

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