Happy Hardcore by Hellstick

A small update…
I lowered the tempo a bit, added a few sheets and rearranged some instruments a little.


You shouldn’t upload this many updates… Mods won’t be able to control themselves and before you know 4 updates are featured! (Seriously, great!)

I mostly upload these for my own sake:P I am fortunate enough to have a job where i can sometimes use a computer for a while, so it’s nice to have an easily avalible and updated version of what im working on. Besides, i like to let you guys know what im doing:)


Great job, Hellstick. Your reputation proceeds you.

What reputation is that?

Innovative drumming.
The bass drum feels too loud in Sheets 8 and 11.

In case you haven’t noticed Hellstick, your reputation is the following:
-Innovative drumming (as said by TFB).
-Use of cool effects.
-Making songs sound like it was made professionally despite the program.

The slower tempo seems to fit it very well and i love the new additions, keep it up :D

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I can live with that:D