He returns after a nearly 5-year absence... just to say "Hi!"

Hey, how’s it going? I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m still alive and that I didn’t actually die. You still won’t see me on much, but in a few days, you will see this “Ultimate Project” that I’m working on. I’ll give you a hint, though: it’s a concert band arrangement of the second -most acclaimed score on this site

did ugethacked

Hey, I’m the one who invented that joke, and no. I’m thinking of changing this ancient screen-name to my current screen-name: “MuseScurry”


but why

Ayyy I remember you

because you said:

see see see? my theory is true. everyone is coming back in 2016. I can’t wait for your project. I just know already that it’s feature-worthy!

We have V3 now waddup

You now have v3 as well :smiley:
Welcome back!

However, I’m sorry to say that it is not a Notessimo score. However, it IS a “MuseScore” and is VERY simple to watch. It is a REAL concert band arrangement of the “Prince of Darkness ~ Prancing Dad Rearranged by CtelinAjira”. I would suggest not trying to play it, but it’s definitely worth a listen. I also credited Ctelin for it and sutitled it “(a remix of a remix of a remix)”.

Here is the link: https://musescore.com/user/32814/scores/2546651

Feel free to listen to some of my other projects on my profile, if you’d like that is. I’m sorry I couldn’t do this on Notessimo, but MuseScore is FREE formal notation software, and has much more convenient tools and ALL instruments to choose from, and the sample sounds are in 24-bit instead of 8/16-bit. Enjoy!

PS: what’s V3?

EDIT: Oh yeah DUH! Still isn’t as convenient, accurate, or printable… that’s a big one. I get requests from band directors all the time asking to use and print-off my scores.


s-so uh, are you gonna keep making notessimo songs and stay on the forum? <3

I would like to see a concert band actually try to play this.

Well, I might transpose one of my more popular scores on musescore to notessimo just as a treat, but you definitely won’t see me as active as I once was… I wonder which one I should do though… don’t say Prancing Dad

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