Heavy Part from a Song by paosdpowwlda

Can you guess? I think not. But if you can then you win a free inflatable Tsukasa.
Hint one:

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Hint Two:

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Hint Three:

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That’s all the hints I’m giving you. They may or may not be part of the song name wink

Use Old Player.

Hint four:

[details=Click to expand] do you really want another hint?
Man you really must not know this song (I don’t think anybody does)
ugh Fine I’ll give it to you
but you better not whine when you find out this is not much info.
The song is about 10 minutes long [/details]

OSI - Invisible Men

But in all honesty you gave me enough to just Google Search and listen to a few songs. I’ve never heard of OSI until now.

Holy shit I didn’t think of that…
Well they were hints, so basically you get less points on the final test score.

Enjoy your winnings!

Enjoy your free inflated half-of-Tsukasa!