Hellstick Inspired House N Bass/DNB/Techno/Dubstep by Me

I made a strong repetitive song so This is an electronic song wich is repetitive, electronic songs are supposed to be repetitive. I want to be on Carrot’s or Hellstick’s level of awesomeness, but i am stuck at this level which is not high enough for making long songs, but i tried as hard as i can (harder than i can) tell me what you think, add criticism & i hope you enjoy it ;)



Those drums were on the level of blah (which is lower than low)

i give you a 64 out of 309

you tried


Sure electronic is supposed to be a little repetitive. Not THIS repetitive.

Electronic music is not supposed to be repetitive. If it’s repetitive it is not because of the genre, but because you MADE it repetitive:/