Updated a bit let me know what you think about sudden pianos.



Hey let me know about that open high hat #4 I don’t really like it that much especially on best quality.

Oh yeah and this needs something but I’m not sure what. Suggestions?

Yay! I’m an inspiration to people!:smiley:


I think that cymbal it sounds fine star.

Your gana continue something??? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!

Oh shoot I mean open hat #2 That one sounds bad to me for some reason.

Im blasting this right now 8] you gatta continue 18!

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Well I actually just scrapped 18 because I felt the 17 transition worked for the chorus. I’ll probably use it later though.

Yeah you are, I prefer your Drum & Bass over alot of other pro artist. Seriously, how are you not established yet?

Glad you made an “intro” xD

I thought you ment the #2 one… yea, that one is a crazy instrument, but I like how it sounds.

Because even though i have some decent ideas i do not have the propper sound quality to get signed.

As for this upload: Great job star! really digging the beat!:slight_smile:

Sounds awesome!

Barring the fact that you forgot to change the tempo on the last sheet :P, this is really good and I actually like the way it loops now.

Change the tempo on sheet 28 to 760. Then delete sheets 10, 11, 11, and 5. Now it loops perfectly.

11 likes on an unfinished song.


I don’t see this as a Hellstick wannabe drumstep song, to me it has your distinct style, i’m just trying to figure out what it actually is…

Otherwise, PLEASE continue this, it sounds amazing.

Notessimo does seem to have a limited range of bass-y instruments…it may be that. If you were really bored you could try a cowbell…everyone loves cowbells.

Lol I was in a rush for that last sheet. Just updated that. Might update more on Monday but I don’t have time.
Any suggestions? Oh and I may or may not have to drop this, depends on my next companion. Mission stuff is fun…I’ll let you know soon!