Hellstick's Feedback for V4

  • I like rooted interface panels more than floating ones.
  • Icons are too big, thus impairing my general overview.
  • I would like to quickly swap between sheet layers with one button instead of with a drop down (Although the addition of the drop down is welcome).
  • Tabs missing
  • Sheets missing
  • DB meter missing
  • Tags and uploader on instruments should be disabled by default or at the very least made smaller.

My responses:

  1. We can possibly use the right sidebar and bottom bar to store some more UI elements. Maybe even introduce a left sidebar.

  2. UI scale can help. Also you can enable dark mode.

  3. As mentioned in 1, Starburst and I have discussed having a left sidebar and using it to store sheets and layers. Would this be adequate for you?

  4. similar answer as 1.

  5. Scroll out and you can access the track viewer.

  6. Discussed with Starburst. We are thinking of using the album art area as a master dB meter and as mentioned in 3, we can use a similar icon for layers/sheets/tracks to act as a dB meter for those in the left

  7. I’ll talk to Starburst about this. I’m thinking of having a little button at the top to enable/disable tags and uploader icons or make it a filter choice.

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