Hellstick's song thread

Something fucked up the formating of my song threat when i tried to edit it. I’ll fix it tomorrow ore one of the coming days
Hello friends!

And welcome to my song thread! My songs will be split into diffirent categories to hopefully make navigation easier for you guys.

  • Recent uplaods will link to my 3 most recent uploads.
  • Full tracks will link to my finished tracks. Featured tracks will be marked with a .
  • Uploads with potential will link to my WIP’s and generally just tracks that have potential to go further than being short loops.
  • Loops and short clips will link to experimentation or just small loops.
    I will provide a brief description for each of the songs, so that you can skip the ones you think sounds boring. Featured tracks will be marked with a star symbol.

3 newest uploads:

  • Factory Floor - Slow and progressive techno track with some fun effects.
  • Sword Play - Drum n’ Bass with an oriental flare. Lots of fun effects in this one.
  • Empty Space - Minimalistic drum n’ bass. Tried creating a an atmosphere of vast, empty space.

Finished songs:

  • Crowbar- My first attempt at making hardstyle on notessimo, and my second full lenght finished track.
  • Get hammered - My first featured song. Hard dance with a simple yet catchy melody.
  • Viperfish - Hard hitting Drum n’ Bass. Dark and brutal.
  • The Tarrasque Rises - Drum n’ Bass with some scriptual lyrics.
  • Midnight Rush - Hands up music with a sweet orchestral mid section.
  • Limit Breaker - Some kind of happy hardcore/frenchcore hybrid. Fast as hell, 4 on the floor action!
  • Empty Space - Minimalistic drum n’ bass. Tried creating a an atmosphere of vast, empty space.
  • Sword Play - Drum n’ Bass with an oriental flare. Lots of fun effects in this one.
  • Factory Floor - Slow and progressive techno track with some fun effects.
  • Sweet dreams - A dance remix i did of the clasic “Sweet dreams (are made of these)” by the eurythmics. This was my first track ever made on notessimo 2.
  • Bassline road - A cover i made of Darren Style’s track “Bassline road”. fastpaced Happy hardcore.
  • Swamp creatures - My first drum and bass track ever. Dark and fast and with a creepy melody, although not up to my current standarts beatwise.
  • Amalar Rising - An apocalyptic orchestral tune inspired by an inside joke my girlfriend had with some class mates.

Uploads with potential:

  • Face Stomper - Hard hitting drum n bass with an energic beat.
  • Rolling thunder - Some 3/4 psychedelic with a jumpy bassline.
  • Experimentation - A short buildup with an unique beat, leading up to some pumping techno.
  • Acid Rain - My first try ever at drumstep. The melody is rather sinister.
  • Dubstep Experimentation - Probably the best dubstep i made here on notessimo.
  • Sweet melody - The melody i plan to use in a happy hardcore track that will eventually come into existance.
  • She’s gone - A somewhat sad bell melody with funky beat.
  • Mephistos dance - A dark and heavy drum and bass track that starts slow but quickly evolves into a fast paced track.
  • Psytrip - My first (but not last) try at psychedelic. Slow and progressive with a heavy bass.
  • Old Psy Track - Psychedelic with a sort of tribal intro.
  • Just a quickie - A short drum and bass track with a lot of potential. The melody is one of my favorites that i made on notessimo.
  • Happy Hardcore - Happy Hardcore in the making. I used the melody from my previous upload “Sweet melody”.
  • Brass Knuckles - My first dubstep track since “Dubstep Experimentation” that actually sounds decent.
  • Jingle bass - A half finished drum n bass remix i made of jingle bells. Meybe ill finish it next christmas?
  • Jingle Bells - A beautiful rendition of the clasic christmas tune that we all know and love.
  • Standoff - In my opinion one of my best melodies here on notessimo. Turns into dubstep with a really unique guitar cut.
  • Hypernation - Energic and fast psychedelic. Has some cool echo effects in it. Dunno if i’ll keep the title.
  • My part in the community collab - Title says it all. I edited out the rest of the sheets so i have easier access to my sheets. Drumstep with some of the most complicated percussion work i have ever done.
  • Black sun empire inspired DnB - A drum n bass project inspired by black sun empire. Dark and progressive.
  • Impact - Fast paced drum n bass. Work in progress.
  • Jingle Bells - A beautiful rendition of the clasic christmas tune that we all know and love.
  • Midnight Runner - Drum n’ Bass with a simple bell melody and a gritty bass.
  • Quick Trap Stuff- My first try at making trap. Horns blowing and sub bass roaring!
  • Dance music stuff - The intro to some sort of happy hardcore/dance track.
  • ASDW - My first try at V3. Drum n’ Bass with some cool bass sounds.
  • Champagne Galoppen (Hellstick Remix) - A short drumstep remix I made of a tune that is often played in Denmark at new years eve.
  • Samba Spadizzle - Some funky samba-like beat with loads of cowbell.
  • Mellow- A somewhat mellow track with some interesting percussion.
  • Murder Fest - Aggressive and hard. Hardcore or gabber of some sort
  • Abandoned DNB Project 02 - Intro to a jump up drum n bass track that never got further than the intro.
  • Abandoned DNB Project 01 - An atmospheric eerie intro to what was supposed to be a ominous dnb track.
  • Ascend - Intro, buildup and first drop of a happy hardcore track. Basically the first half.
  • Tunnel Walkers - Atmospheric intro that transitions into an almost jazz-like Glitch Hop section.
  • Get Up! - Dance/Swing fusion.

Loops and short clips:

  • Psychedelic tryout - experimentation with the open hihat #2 as synth.
  • Jewish music - A short remix of the clasic melody played at certain jewish holidays and events.
  • Take Flight - Short clip with a sweet melody. The first part is some sort of trance and the second one is dubstep.
  • Free beat #1 - A short beat that sounds like some sort of dubstep.
  • Free beat #2 - A short, albeit very funky dance beat.
  • Free beat #3 - A short house music track with some funky bongo drums.
  • Free beat #4 - A short beat with a kick-ass effect in the first sheet. Sounds somewhat like drumstep.
  • Free beat #5 - A short beat with a happy melody.
  • Free Beat #6 - A short beat with a bassline and som woodblock thingies…
  • Free Beat #7 - A short beat with with some bells and a guitar used for the bassline.
  • Free Beat #8 - A short beat dubstep beat.
  • Random drum n bass #1 - Sound’s a bit like break beat and have a short guitar melody.
  • Random drum n bass #2 - A short loop i made after hearing dodge and fuskis drum and bass track “knockout”
  • Random drum n bass #3 - More random drum n bass.
  • Random drum n bass #4 - A drum n bass loop with a bit of a diffirent beat compared to my other drum n bass loops.
  • Random drum n bass #5 - A fun drum n bass loop with a simple citar melody.
  • Last man standing - Western inspired melody with a slow beat.
  • Victory! - A short and epic melody that sounds like something that would be played after a won battle.
  • Victory! (Remake) - A remake of one of my first uploads. Very uplifting.
  • Victory! (Drum n’ Bass Edit) - A Drum n’ Bass edit of Victory! that I made because Ali3ns suggested it.
  • Dubstep loop - A verry short dubstep loop. I failed completely at achieving a propper bass, but the beat is decent.
  • Beat em up - A short 3/4 loop with an evil melody.
  • Scooter - Nessaja - The main melody from scooter’s clasic track “Nessaja”. Not the full track.
  • Running man - I guess this is a picto song of sorts. It’s actually more of an animation though.
  • 3 Hands up melodies - Exactly as the title suggests, these are 3 hands up melodies… Energic and synth heavy.
  • Drumstep - My best attempt at drumstep so far. Around 180 bpm and a fast bassline.
  • Basejumper - A short melody i made. Some sort of dance/trance i guess.
  • Echo test - An experiment i made to test out how well i could make some various echo effects.
  • Haze Runner - An epic melody with a simple beat and a few effects. Fast paced as hell.
  • 24 Melodies - 24 melodies that i made over the course of 2 and a half evening.
  • Cheer Up - A short loop I made to try and cheer myself up. The melody is simple and happy.
  • Hardstyle is possible in V3 - A test to see if V3 is capable of making hardstyle.
  • Oriental Dubstep - A short loop with some sort of oriental sounding Dubstep.
  • Stuff - A sweet citar melody with a lot of character.
  • Under the Sea- My own interpretation of “Under the Sea”
  • Under the Sea (With Beat) - My own intepretation of “Under the Sea”. This version has a beat and a bassline.
  • Sandstorm or whatever - A silly remix of that one song.
  • Montage - 80’s inspired dance pop of some sort
  • Odd Time - No idea about the time signature in this one, but it’s drum n bass for sure.
  • Piano Stuff - Weird glitchy piano melody
  • Synapse - Drum and bass with an organ melody.
  • Blissfull Reminiscence - A short cheerful piano melody with a glitch hop beat to back it up.
  • Chicago Delight - Gangster vibes in musical form. Jazzy electronic beats.
  • Quick Melody - Trance/Handsup melody with a simple kick and bass.
  • Trap - Trap beat with a choir melody inspired by how i imagine olympus.
  • Random Experiments - Like 8 minutes worth of random experiments.
  • Simple and clean - My take on a more minimalistic and clean approach to DNB
  • Rudolph the Rad Nose Reindeer - IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME EVERYBODY

If I missed anything or if I linked to a wrong track you are verry welcome to tell me so that I can change it.
Enjoy, and please dont hesitate to let me know what ya’ll think:)


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All this time, you’ve never made a song thread?

I like this thread. 10/10

That is corect:P

New stuff:

  • Happy Hardcore - The beginning of a new happy hardcore track im working on.

Will work on it more later.

Oh… Almost forgot… I have to make a song thread too! How many songs do you need to be allowed to make one?

Nice, I think the low rhodes have a good effect.

  1. No, you don’t need to.
  2. I believe you need at least 5 finished songs and approval by the mods.

I dont have 5 finished songs:P
In my opinion you should be allowed to make a thread if you have enough content with enough quality… But thats just my opinion i guess:S

I just asked because I know Nuse got in trouble with it… I’ll PM him.

Probably the song i want you to finish the most :3 I just love the melody of it.
Glad to see you finally have a thread though xD (also sorry i’m a month late…haven’t visited the actual forums in a while)

Thanks friend! Acid rain is def one of the tracks that have the most potential… in my opinion at least:P
But i want to finish Face stomper or that happy hardcore track more, so thats probably what im going to do… Some day…

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Made some much needed updates to the first post. The thread is now up to date.
Sorry for double posting:/

Hellstick, can we even remix your songs?

^implying that HS’s songs are unremixable
^implying that you can’t best HS in an unremix-off
^implying that HS is simply the best there is

Not only is remixing of my tracks allowed - it is also encouraged:)

I decided to pick up an old track of mine and add a melody to it:)
Hope ya’ll dig it!


Doesn’t even sound like Notessimo!

WIthout a doubt, you are my favorite composer on this site!

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Thanks a bunch friend, it alwyas makes me happy when people likes my work:)