Hi. by This one right here.


This is just an updated version of щастье от перегрузка made by >muahh.<

I made this a while ago.
All I did was add in a little bit of boring percussion.

Also, carr0t., can I ask you something? ;_;
I know you probably have several collaborations you’re all ready working on at the moment, but would you mind if I made a collab with you?


Bye guys.

I like the song but I can’t give full rating because the majority was made by someone else.

Sheet 6.

This isn’t original??

sheet 6=epic

It sounds like songs I’ve heard before but, I thought I made this.

Thanks guys.

generic chords sound like lots of song, most noticeably taaaaake on meeeee in sheet 5 and 6 as the notes for take and on are the same

Pages 0, 2, and 3 sound like a remixed version of a simplified version of Pachelbel’s Canon