holy fuck is anybody still alive

This is Danny, I used to be ‘Flowey’ and before that I was…anyway, I forgot about this site for like 2 years and I’m sad to see it’s not as alive as it used to be. How are you all doing?

It’s only not alive because the site isn’t very well known, Failsafe used to be hugely popular because of Sift Heads and that brought attention to Notessimo. However, Failsafe faded out and thus the amount of new users to Notessimo declined. Over time, Notessimo users grew up and found other things to do. There will always be some activity on this site, I think many still come back because they like the sense of community.

As for how I’m doing, life is pretty good.

I thought notessimo was popular because kongregate

That too, it helped that Notessimo 1 was on a bunch of gaming websites and Starburst posted about Notessimo 2 on Kongregate, but that was back in like 2007 while Notessimo was very much alive until 2014-2015.

I’ll always hold that the forums were fine and dandy up until the switch from the old format to the current one. It resulted in a huge shift in how people used the site, and while song posts got more hits, the forum faded into what it is now.
The way you can tell if you are from the first generation of notessimaestros is if you remember being hyped to get your own personal songs thread on the forums to showcase your work in one place, where nowadays that feature is done automatically (I personally search through people’s content to find their previous works, even though it’s probably slightly less efficient)

I learned about Notessimo through Kongregate and liked it so much that I wanted to find the official site.