Home Page

For the home page, they should be only six featured songs, a screenshot of the application (to show people how good it is), big link buttons for the register page, the forum, the browse, the shop or help if we have them, and the biggest button for the compose. In fact, basically copy NoteFlight. Their website is so much better than ours. (But keep the Nightmare theme).
We should have the logo linked to the homepage too.

Well actually, I don’t like note flights set up at all.

I like the way they have your own home page with your songs on it.

we do! Starburst just has to finish fixing the bugs.

We don’t. What Starburst has is our own forum. I’m thinking of the home page changes for everyone, and you can customize it and stuff. It would have our latest songs and maybe our bookmarked/subscribed topics. And it would show any songs that people have commented to. And new PM’s and stuff. All on one page.

We could have a similar thing for our profiles. We could pick songs to go on our profiles and we could have a little message too. And I dunno a blog or something. And people can comment on your profile.

I don’t think we need something like that…

But it would be fun.

I guess it would be the finishing touches maybe?