How do I change the member title?

HOW do I change my member title to something other than Advanced member? I swear I’ve looked everywhere on this site, and I haven’t found a thing.

If it’s plainly obvious how to change it, then I guess my blonde-ness is coming out. :)

Any help’s appreciated!

I’ve been waiting patientlyfor this topic to come. Thank you Clearwater.

Only Mods can change them. Do you have a request?

I have a small request…

Can I be Mad scientist, Because I experiment with my songs…




Yes, only a mod can change it. So just ask!

Well I don’t want to be the “Absolution”…

can mine be like nothing… not even member just an empty space.

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I thought Mrteddy was a moderator. Strange coincidence!

the day im moderator is the day notessimo goes through hell and back.



If I’m not a mod, how come I can change my member title?

You just can

Wow, I just put this up last night… I didn’t expect replies so quickly!
Okay, so my request is:

Queen of Llamaland and (Secret) Leader of the Dramatic Llama Uprising.

Let me know if that’s too long (or weird) please! I’ll think of something else.

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Because we love you.


Woot! Thank you so very much! :) :razz:

No problem.

…for anyone else who wants to change their member title, go to Settings and scroll down. You’ll be able to change your title under Profile Information.

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