How do I make a collaboration?

Well, I was just thinking and maybe I should start a collab. But I need to know two things: “How do I start a collab?” and, “How do I edit other peoples songs?” I think that’s all I need to know! Good.

How to start a collab:
Step 1: Make friends
Step 2: Get friends (minimum 1) to make song w/ you
Step 3: Finish song and show the world your awesome skills
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!

How to edit other people’s songs: Save song, then edit on Compose page

This really should’ve been in a status update

I am now doing a collab With Neon Pumpkin :P But i even hope IdeaSam even puts his other part on my other collab again.

I hope the TV Pumkin collab even progresses too again :o


  1. PM them. if you don’t know what that is or how to get there, go to the black bar and press the mail-like button. press compose new!
    2.upon approval, start a song and post it.
  2. others will add on and post it on the site.
  3. on the edited song, go to file-> save as. then select the original file.
  4. open the compose, open the song, and repeat until you are done!

:idea: Umm…I think there’s another way Ace…maybe…:

Step 1: Go to Groups page
Step 2: Create collaboration group
Step 3: Wait for 2-4 or 20-30 people to show up
Step 4: Go to Compose
Step 5: Create begining of song

That’s only Part 1…I think…

Oh! Thanks Calvin! I’ll do that right about…


DP alert.

Creating a group for a collab is not really necessary.

Oh. Oops, srry!

So true.

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Aliens you’re not contributing to the conversation.

I’ll just… Stop following…

i agree 300% with you, I not only have to profit, but even to effort!

Ok I’m abanding this now so guys either lock this topic or just don’t reply anymore, ok?

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