How do you make a tuplet?

how do you make a tuplet?

You must mean triplet… if so, read this helpful little post.

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Well unfortunately we don’t have the feature yet so you’d have to do it manually.

For a tuplet of n notes, multiply the tempo by n and so each bar of the original tempo will take up n bars in the multiplied tempo. To make the tuplet, all you have to do is set the notes down with the length of the total tuplet. For instance for a triplet that is equal to a crotchet (4th note), multiply the tempo by three and add three crotchets (4th notes) where you want them, bearing in mind that each bar is actually 3 bars. Also if there are any other notes you have to multiply their length by three. It’s awkward I know. In fact, someone should make an example of this while I’m not half asleep.

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muse, stop calling it a crotchet!

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