How many covers?

How many covers have you made in Notessimo? Also, what band did you cover?

Do you have to ask?

As stated in your signature, there are no stupid questions, only answers, so… yeah…


Lol, Ace, don’t be mean to every newbie you see. They aren’t all idiots. Give this guy a shot.

There are too many covers I’ve made so I’ll list the songs I’ve posted that weren’t covers (Made From Scratch):
‘1st & 2nd Loudest Songs on Notessimo’
‘Typical Timothy Verbist Songs 1&2’
‘Collab with Aliens Exist’ (Not good)

The point of this thread is to list your covers, not other songs.


Well, those work if you havnt made any covers, or youve made so many covers, its unlistable.

I was making a cover of I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco, but then I suddenly lost all of my unfinished songs so I never really posted one.

Do nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks

You don’t understand. I’ve done nothing BUT covers.

COVERS (From newest, to oldest):

DEATH WALTZ (U.N. Owen Was Her? Remix) August 24, 2012

Magus Night August 23, 2012

BAD Apple!! August 14, 2012

Shrine of the Wind August 09, 2012

いざ、倒れ逝くその時まで August 07, 2012

Native Faith August 06, 2012

Heian Alien July 28, 2012

I’m a Scatman July 18, 2012

Lilium July 25, 2011

Flight of the Bumblebee July 25, 2011

Moonlight Sonata 1st Mov. June 08, 2011

Circus Galop August 28, 2010

Moonlight Sonata 3rd Mov. August 28, 2010

Cool… let see some UNF covers

American Girl
Axel F (crazy frog)
Barbra Streisand
Beast and The Harlot
Beethoven Virus
Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Chariots on Fire
Chop Suey
Don’t Stop Believing
Eye of The Tiger
The Final Countdown
Hold The Line
Holiday in Cambodia
Hot Stuff
I Was Made for Lovin’ You
La Bestia Pop
Less Talk More Rokk
Love You Like a Love Song
Master Exploder
Nyan Cat!
Octopus’s Garden
Rebel Yell
Seven Nation Army
Show Must Go On
Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Mario World (title theme)
Sweet Emotion
The Dream Police
The Simpsons
What I’ve Done
Your Time Has Come

And many others

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You covered Shiver??? Gotta listen right now…


I know I’m a Newbie, but have you ever thought of making your own songs?

Ah, sorry. I didn’t process that correctly.

I have. I tried. I failed.

DUUUDE! Don’t give up :D

non yet xD