How To Upload Your Songs On Youtube

Step 1: Download Hypercam Studio 2. … dio/1.html
Step 2: Use the “select region” button and use the drag-and-drop tool provided to trace the section of the Notessimo window you want to record.
Step 3: Use the instructions in this video to enable your operating system to record audio through Hypercam.
Step 4: Open the Audio tab, check “Record Audio” and choose the sound options you want.
Step 5: Press “Start Paused” and open the Notessimo window.
Step 6: Press F3 BEFORE you press play on your Notessimo song to start recording.
Step 7: Press F2 to stop recording when your song ends.
Step 8: Check the AVI File tab in the Hypercam window to find where it saved your recording. You can press “Play” in Hypercam to preview your video.
Step 9: Upload the video to Youtube and make sure you link back to the original song!
Step 10: Profit substantially.
Step 11: Give Sandalman all credit and money (Edited by Sandalman )

I thought this may be useful to you guys.
Example of an uploaded song using these steps:

I agree with some of what you said, but that UNREGESTERED HYPERCAM 2 thingy really bothers me. I’m not sure why, but it just does. Here is what I do.

  1. Instead of using Hypercam 2, I reccommend using camstudio. It will not have that thing in the upper-left.
  2. Go to Region>Select Region and drag the cursor to select the region.
  3. Make sure the Notessimo window is open (fullscreen, if possible) and press F3 (I think. It may be F2) to bring up the recording area selector. This will be a dotted-line box the size you made it before. It will follow your cursor when you move. Just click, and the recording will begin. (It will be best if you make the sound quality in Notessimo the lowest possible since you aren’t recording sound here. Also, it works better if you have the video quality to the second or third lowest settings.)
  4. Click play in Notessimo and wait until the song is over. When it is over press F3 again to stop the recording and save it.
  5. Download the audio file to your song (.wav) using the Notessimo converter.
  6. Open Windows Movie Maker (or other video editing software) and open your video and sound files.
  7. You will now want to edit your video file and cut out any space in the beginning and/or end of the recording so that when play is clicked on YouTube, the song starts immediately.
  8. Now attach the sound file and match it up with the video. (this shouldn’t be hard to do if you edited the video properly.
  9. In WMM, click File>Save Movie File and save your video.
  10. Upload and enjoy!

Thank you so much for this. Both of you. I think I’ll go and record Speed of Light and try getting that little masterpiece onto Youtube.

your welcome lol

That’d be a great idea Kd!

“You’re welcome”? What did you do? lol
But yeah, I tried… but my laptop kinda sucks and it ended up skipping and stopping a lot while it was recording, so I’ll wait until I get on the good computer here to record it.

I’m not allowed to download anything, so i just used my video camera and did it. there are fuzzy lines everywhere though

Jmans method is generally how I upload my songs, but I don’t have to go quite that far for sound. If you have a laptop (not sure if it works on desk top, but it might) by a chord from best buy that plugs into your microphone port and your speaker port (sorry, not computer savvy so I don’t know proper terminology) then, using camstudio, record the song and then when moving the video to windows movie maker (or whatever videomaking software you use) the sound is right there with it so you don’t have to match the sound with the video. I’m not sure if that’s the best way, but for me it’s definitely the easiest (hlisten)

I’ll have to try that with my desktop. It sounds like it should work.

like I said though, it’s probably not the best. If you listen to my obm on youtube you can actually here my computer making sounds at the beginning…but I guess for now since the converter is mia it might be the only way

I’ll have to use this method for my Speed of Light song, since the converter refuses to convert it (hlisten)

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How do i make the pictures on my youtube videos not so blurry? Well I make youtube music videos on Windows Movie Maker but when i put the pictures (that i get from google) onto the video, they blow up and get all blurry-ew. I’ve seen lots of people with youtube videos that have pictures that are perfectly clear. How do they do that?

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Any way to do this with fraps?

same thing, just with a different recorder. will probably need new instructions, and a hack to use it on stuff outside games, lol.