How to use the synth strings.

I think we all know by now that the synth strings are extremely off-tune and is quite useless as an instrument on notessimo because of it but I want to show you how to bypass this problem because, to me, it has a great sound and could really help in certain techno songs where synthesized instruments are particularly used compared to normal strings and other orcestra related samples though instruments like strings usually help to in techno songs and what not. But anyways lets begin (my paragraph key is not working. Im going to use colours and sizes). First off, the synth strings are off-tune by 4 notes above its placement on the chart so if you placed the sample on the C key, it will play a E. If you don’t know where C or E is on the music compose chart, C is the center of the space between the parallel lines in the music composing chart and E is on the Above parallel line equidistant from the position from C. If You don`t know what I mean, Open the compose page, look at the top two 4s and E is on the lowest black line of that and C is in the very center. So if you start on a key like C the synth synthesized string will be place on a “d” or D sharp (ctrl D) and if you start on C you will place the synthesized string on a “g” or G sharp (ctrl G). As this is for help, I will display all the 12 keys in an octave and what key you will need to place the synthesized string in for the same sound. C1=g#0, c#1=A0, D1=a#0, d#1=B0, E1=C1, F1=c#1, f#1=D1, G1=d#1, g#1=E1, A1=F1, a#1=f#1, B1=G1, C2=g#1. The numbers represent octave numbers and on the side note, synthesized strings are exactly 4 notes off-tune so other samples that are quarter tones off-tune like synth bass will not blend. Mods can edit or lock this if they need because a lot of the text options were not working for me when I was writing this so I know its sloppy TTTTh CCCFDFFAAA "g C