How to Write Triplets in V4

Two methods of writing triplets in V4:

  1. Write three equal length notes taking up the space of three, select all three, and compress them into the space of two using the touch tool. This will automatically fit them to triplet positioning.

  2. Take the note’s usual straight rhythm positioning out of a 32nd of a beat and multiply by (2/3) and then round to the nearest whole number.
    For example: to write three triplet eight within a beat, straight positioning would be 0/32 ,16/32, and 0/32 of the next beat (we’ll view it as 32/32 though).
    16*(2/3) = 10.67 rounded to 11
    32*(2/3) = 21.34 rounded to 21
    So, your triplet eight notes will be positioned at 0/32, 11/32, and 21/32.
    Now just adjust the duration of the notes to just before the next note.

Triplets in V4 are slightly off timing, but Starburst is adding a double precision preference which will allow for 64th of a beat snapping. Potentially higher precision might be added beyond 64th of a beat.

Triplet Tutorial V4 by Tutorial - Songs - Notessimo

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Cool! Yes, more precision is coming soon!

Also, if you want to “embed” a notessimo song in a post you can do so by pasting the url (without the markdown link) with an empty line before and after.

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And it will appear like so

When using the native app and going to the community website from there, the player stays at the bottom of the screen and when clicking “play” will load in the native player instead of the “web” behavior of loading the player in-line.

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