How's the weather up there?

How’s the weather in your area right now (or whenever you want to post)? I’m in the Northeast, so we got dumped with a foot of snow (and more to come ). YAY! SHOVELING!

It’s cold here in south-western Ohio, but no snow. We’ve only had one big snow this season. (6+ inches) My dad has a flight today out of Cox-Dayton International Airport to Philly. It might be delayed with all of that snow. It’s kind of silly, actually, how he has to go to Philadelphia so he can get on another flight to go to Las Vegas.

I live in south-western Ontario (Windsor…little city no one cares about lol )… and it is f***ing freezing here!! Still! The cold doesn’t usually last this long, but this year it is… and I don’t like it

No way! Windsor! I’ve been there! I spent 3 days in the Hilton just across the river from Detroit.

Nice! Glad to see someone here knows about Windsor lol

any chance Ohio will get what you guys got?

Well that big storm went right past Syracuse in NY School today

Nothing’s happening here in boring old Vancouver…except for an awesome rainstorm that lasted about 13 minutes. The rain was going down so fast it was actually chipping some cement and scraping people’s legs. Well, 60% of it was rain…the other 40% was hail. But still, it was awesome

Snows almost melting here in AB, but WTH it’s just March. I haven’t seen a snowstorm in weeks!

nothing musch but rain, nothing interesting, a bit nippy in the mornings but otherwise, nothing

Sorry, but no. I wish. Then I could get out of some more school.
By the way, what part of Ohio do you live in?

northwest. close to Toledo.

I live in the south-western area, near Dayton. Right now, it is sunny, but cold here.

I think I might have school tomorrow. Even though there is still a foot of snow on the gorund, all the roads are clear, so buses can move in, and carry us to school.

the weather in my area has been quite unusual. Firts, it was a week of warm weather in February. Then, we got dumped with a foot of snow. After a week of 35 degree tempeatures (we Americans use Farenheit, I don’t know what it’d be in Celcius), today turns out to be a really nice day. Not 50 or 60 degrees, but I saw it reach up to 68 degrees F this morning (still don’t know what that is in C) Thats very unusual for early March in my part of the world.

Yesterday it was up in the 60’s and sunny for Windsor… today it’s in the 40’s and raining

Yeah, it’s been in the upper 60’s here. It feels weird wearing shorts and a t-shirt in early March!

On Friday, it was about 80. Saturday was 88. Sunday was 92. Today, it reached 94 degrees. It was as hot as a lemon. 94 in April is ridiculous for NJ (right Roasty)

It’s been about that here in Ohio, too. Too bad it’s gonna rain tomorrow.

It may have been blazing out here in newark with a whooping 96, but ITS STILL WINTER UNTIL I SAY SO.
I swear the transition curve between new seasons in new jersey are as flat as kansas, i swear about 5 days ago it was 40 farenheight MAX, the next day it was 80 which leads to my next theory.

My favorite seasons are fall and spring, BUT THEY DONT FRIKING EXIST. One day its snowing the next day is HEAT WAVE.

Tomorow im gonna play football.

Actually Im just going to throw the ball…

…Im not even going to go get it
I’m just going to run out…
Throw it…
and run back inside before my hair catches fire and my legs melt into the ground. crys