Hungary Hungary Hippos by Dee to the Sea

I dunno


I was laughing the whole time because I loved it so much 12/5


DC returns! Rejoice!


Hungry Hippos? LOLWAT?

WOW… O.o… its DC… YEA! your back!

sheet 6 and 9 awsome, and sheet 0 is so cool it could be a song by itself… (try it xD)

Great song! 6/5

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This whole song was awesome.

I never knew Hungary Hungary Hippos could be so great.

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OMG… my ears have been melted by HIPPOS!

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Sheet 1-4 was my favorite, but overall amazing.


Wow ! Amazing ! Good job ! 6/5 ! :)

This is perfect! I really liked sheet 10.


Well funny you should mention that, the whole song is based around that sheet, which I created a while back as a standalone loop. So yeah.

Also, thanks everybody. I don’t usually comment on my own songs but I actually find it kinda cool that everybody seems to have their own favourite part of the song.

I’ll try and finish this at some point, put in a solo or something and make a better chorus.

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This is unfinished? Wow. It would easily be find just as it is too. But I’m glad you’re going to try and continue it! Can’t wait to see more!

This is possibly one of the best unfinished songs ever heard by moi. It sounds like hardcore Banjo Kazooie.

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That moment when best rated song ever.

That’s because it’s near flawless.

Dish iz da besht rated song eveh! YEA!

Edit: looks at the rating did someone really rate this less then at least a 4 star? Ack! Its still one if the best songs on notessimo!

Someone must have rated it a 1 or something.

I noticed that. This is why we can’t have nice things :(


What is this blasphemy!?

Sigh Its The Last Bastion all over again.