Hurt/Heal Game

I got this idea off of the forum for my TF2 clan.
Anyways, with this game, you hurt (take away a point) or heal (give a point) to the mods/admins of the site. We all start with 20 and… there’s really no big point to this game it’s just for fun. (I wonder if this will work as well as it did on the other site… my money’s on “no”.)
Another rule, you can only pick one mod to hurt and one to heal each day; no multi-posting.


  • Kdiuldlea - 17
  • Starwars [XD] - infinity :3
  • Tyberious213 - 21
  • DarkDan12 - 20
  • Heartasword - 20
  • Sandalman3000 - 24
  • JMan1293 - 19
  • The Carlton Crew - 18
  • Hypo - minus infinity (thanks anthony…)
    I only put mods on this list that have been recently active. If others start to show up I’ll add them. (last person counted Star)

Hurt Kdiuldlea.
Heal Tyberious213.

Heal KD
Hurt Ty

I lol’d.

Another thing, copy/paste the current score with your post so it’ll be easier to keep track of it.

I hope that as a mod I can still participate as long as I don’t mention myself.

Hurt Hypo.
Heal…Ty I guess

Yeah, mods can participate, but they can’t hurt or heal themselves though.

  • Tyberious213 - 20
  • Hypo - 20
  • Sandalman3000 - 20
  • Kdiuldlea - 20
  • Heartasword - 20
  • The Carlton Crew - 20
  • JMan1293 - 20
  • DarkDan12 - 20
  • Starwars [XD] - 21
  • Starburst - 200

Is that how it works? I added my scores onto Star’s post.

Explain this to me again.

What’s the point of this? It could go on forever.

Double hurt slipknot

Only mods dude.

That reminds me, why does it still say “Site Moderator” under mah name?

Because Starburst must be tormenting you.

On a side note, heal Starburst x100.

Heal Kd x100

Looks like I was right. XD

Explain the “point” of this game?

You explained the rules, now explain the point.

There is no point, it’s just for fun. :twisted:

Fun? If there is no point or winner… how is this fun?

Is there any limit on the number of mods I can heal or hurt?

Booooooooooo. Get off the stage >:(

Stage…? Wait… What stage? What?

There is no stage! Now stop throwing tomatoes at me.

You can only hurt one and heal another one each day, I’ll add that rule to the first post, I forgot it.

Stop with the off-topic posting… I’m not going to tolerate it any longer.