I Am Missing Woodworking Again by Timothy Verbist

I listened to Aliens Exist =3,Ace1257 & Zildex. I’m missing woodworking even harder & even more. :frowning: I feel like this is discrimination. Woodworking, why should i miss you last days? Why?! :cry:

How could this happen? :sad:

Well, if the flutes & the cellos sound out of tune to you, use the old player.

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Could use a bit more variation. Meybe some soft percussion to support the melody.
Other than that I actually like this. I hope to hear more music like this from you in the future!


Why do u do missing wood working songs so much? just a general question. and this is nb

@Hellstick: Hmm, i’ll try.

@AddyIcedTea: Because on the days i do not have woodworking at school on the days i normally do woodworking i make songs like that.

Neat, you actually the good parts from your last one and kind of refined it. I actually liked those parts so much I tried making a song out them myself.

I meant to post it actually, but it seems pointless now since this is kind of what I wanted out of it.

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Holy shit, this is acctually legit. Nice job.