i cannot share songs

When i clic “share” it appears “an uknown error has ocurred” and i cant share my song :(

how can i solve it?

This is probably an error not on your part and the best solution is patience.

Share now has no use

so… how will i share my songs??

tell me plz, i did one in four days and i cant upload it

On the composer, go to “File” > “Save As …” and save your song.

Then open this page and, at the bottom where it says “File”, click “Choose File”, and choose the song that you saved.

Then click “Save” at the bottom.

it says: “The file you attempted to upload is not allowed: File”


You have to upload a file with the extension .note


I cant share either D: I can’t post my remix of RareHero from Ridge racer! It sounds awesome! :(

Well… first dont write with bigs sizes :)
second… are you using the new sharing system?

i cant share my songs either :mad:, something is wrong with Notessimo :mad:! That is not funny :oops:! The errors are working on my neurons :mad: !!!

Nuse, sorry, but i can’t do that either :( it says i had an error about that too

i have the same problem :angry:! It’s working on my neurons :( :angry: !!!

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