I can't sir, it's a liquid

{Taken from another website’s forums}
Descritiption: You are the butler of the person above you, and the person above you is your butler. The person above you asks an off-the-wall ipossible task, and you respond with how you did the task, then ask something impossible of the person below you.

“Sir, Slice my water!”
“I froze it, sir, then cut it in half with a chain saw!”

i’ll start!

Butler, steal someone’s heart without killing that person.

I stole his whole body as well!

Butler, hurt me with cotton wool.

Sir, I lodged an arrow made of cotton wool into your kneecap.

Butler, make me have a lucid dream.

Sir, I took you to a hypnotist and made him hypnotize you into having a lucid dream.

Butler, make me fly.

Sir, I dropped you and you missed the ground.

Butler make me a vegetarian cannibal

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Sir, I ripped all the meat from a human and replaced it with vegetables and fruit.

Butler, give me a calculator that can divide by zero.

Sir, I changed the circuit boards in the calculator.

Butler, make even the dumbest person in the world smart.

Sir, I gave him a skilled tutor and 5 - 30 thirty years.

Butler, make me a time machine.

Sir, I made a machine that can travel one second per second forwards in time.

Butler, play the best song in the world.


butler, make me live after death

Okay, sir, i’ll make sure to transmute your body into a suit of armor.

Butler, draw a stick figure without using lines

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Sir, here is an action figure made of sticks.

Butler, build a hoverboard for me.

Sir, I built a board that hovers using magnets (though it doesn’t go anywhere).

Butler, get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich

Sir, I made you a grilled cheese.

Butler, get me a nuke.

Ok.let me go get my black box.

Sebastian, stop this flood.

There is only one answer to this question. Get it right or don’t reply. -u-

Sir, play the game right.

Butler, implode my spaghetti.

Sir, it will in 10 seconds

Butler, Grow a flower in less than 10 seconds

Sir, I’ll use bonemeal.

Butler, cover Piercing the Sky (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq9CD5kdI5I) with one keyboard.