I found a Typo!

in the “off topic-general” area Starburst accidentally put “Discuss anything you wants !” when it should be "Discuss anything you want! sorry I just noticed!

Thanks a lot !

No problem!

More bugs! Bluehost tag is 1, where the $ is supposed to be in front of the numerals. 2 is the Bugs/Features tag(Again!?) where it says something about more instruments. Ever noticed them?

On the “Featured Songs” page it says “(Songs are choosed by the Development Team)” when it should say songs are chosen

on the compose page, above the help tips thing on the right side, it says Notessimo b2.0 when it should be Notessimo v2.0 i think…

and the instrument guitar electric should be electric guitar i think also…

In the forum back on thread I noticed that starburst said
“Sorry, but the forum are now back on”

Was it meant to be,
“Sorry, but the forumS are now back on” ?

I am guessing it is supposed to be “b2.0” with the b standing for beta.

You gotta give him a break, I believe English is his second language so he can’t speak/type it that well.
EDIT: Although, after reading that again… maybe it was just a simple ‘missing the key’ mistake lmao

ok i must admit I’ve made about exactly

1,234,857,099,105 mistakes

( one billion, two hundred and thirty four million, eight hundred and fifty seven thousand and ninety nine mistakes (with 105 on the end lawl)

I found one (BUT I am not sure if anybody has mentioned it…)

The one on the Volume slider…?
The numbers go …54…56…57…60…

Yeeaahh, I don’t think that’s a typo. I believe it wasn’t made to go up/down by 1%. And if it was, then… well, you found a typo lol

It goes by twos so it shoul be 58…

NVM I think it was a one time glitch…

Put the cursor over tempo.

Change the layer (this enabled you to add notes on top of each others)

Change notes settings

NEVERMIND NVM…I had checked the 60’s but I forgot it is in the 50’s LOL

that’s one billion, two hundred and thirty-four million, eight hundred and fifty-seven thousand and nine-nine mistakes (with 105 on the end). Don’t forget the hyphens!!

Remember, Me spek gud grammer and do gud speling. Ha!

just a little late on that…

Come on now. I’m a busy man. I can’t always get to things right away.

LOL no it is just because you havent been here in forever LOL