I hate rap (name changing soon)

Every lil ting is changing now ya know star!?

Now it’s who can come up with the best rap!

I kind of agree with you so everytime me and my friend here the word rap, we yell RETARDS ATTEMPTING POETRY!

lolololololol, i like that idea, retards trying their hand at poetry! Roflmao!!!

I don’t care for rap either (I guess I’m cool ). However, I’d listen to raprock and I wouldn’t complain (say Rage Against the Machine if it was playing) but rap is disgusting. YUCK!!!

i admit some sorts of rap are alright

The only rap song I liked was “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

I can’t stand any rap. My motto:

OH SNAP! crackle pop rice krispies!

BOOM HEADSHOT double kill!!! n00b

No “L33T” speak thank you very much

Hah, for some reason, seeing that makes me want to play Team Fortress 2. Too bad I can’t on my laptop
But yeah, none of that leet crap.

Oops, this thread went off-topic lol

Yes. Yes it has.
Rap is pretty bad though… enough said. lol
And now it’s back on topic. 8-)

what leet, and plus whats up with the tiny “crackle snap rice krispies” heart?

I was the one that wrote the leetspeak Read beside my `BOOM HEADSHOT!! thread reply.

… I said Oh Snap (crackle pop rice crispies)

double kill!!! n00b
thats what it was, ok

ah, dont worry if it goes off topic, i dont care

Haha, most threads seem to go off-topic… but since this is the ‘Off-Topic’ section of the forum… that’s… good?

I guess so
But it’s kinda annoying