I have to miss woodworking again :( by Me

I got stressed out, i have to miss woodworking again, this is not funny! :cry:

The Rhythm Guitar is tuned in drop C, the Lead Guitar in D Standard & the bass in Standard Tuning.

This Metal song has a Calm Piano Intro with a calm drum beat.

Sheets 17-18 are funeral parts. (CtelinAjira deserves the credit)
The bass,the Glassvibes,the Harpsichords & the Claviorgans are supposed to be loud (no comments about that please!)

With sheets 15 & 16 i made it more Viking Metal.

Listen to: I have to miss woodworking :’-(

If you wanna hear how i inspired myself to this!

Criticism,rate & Comment please.

Many of the parts weren’t bad, but changing from one set of instruments to another without a proper transition does not fit well.

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Sheet 18 → Dancing mad from final fantasy 6. lol

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crazy loud cymbals at sheet 11

If this was organized better, it would be great. It also reminds me of Opeth.

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Wtf is wrong with you