I need all you chord detectives to get the hell in here and

tell me what the fuck is this beautiful sound at 6:07 - 6:11

I was thinking an augmented chord add 2 or an augmented triad i don’t fucking know but it makes me shit myself everytime I hear it so it has to be augmented.

My first guess would’ve been e9 (or some variation thereof - the notes I’m hearing are G#/B/D/E/F#/G#), but damn that’s a tricky one to figure out.

It sounds a lot like a lot of notes mashed together. I don’t think it sounds that nice.

Oh man. All these fancy music words are killing me.

I think it might be like a 13 chord or 15 chord, because it has so many parts to it. It’s messy and has tension at the same time, which is a good indicator of a 7 chord or greater.