I rememeber this site when..

  1. I just got into middle school and started going here (I’m in high school now).
  2. KD had a 300/spaghetti sauce/fire mah lazor type sig
  3. I was #2 on amount of posts… and I had just joined a week ago…
  4. starburst actually GOT ON once in a while!
  5. I sucked at making a music(even more than now)…
  6. Before any one gave thought about updating the look of the site instead the game… I mean, what happened during
    the 2 years I was gone?
  7. when this games seemed to not have as high of system requirements. I mean wizards in winter used to run perfectly. now its slow (but it sounds better!)

what about you?

cough BUMP cough
I don’t know how old this topic is as the date doesn’t have a year on it.
I also don’t know when you joined, GS as all it says is

Aug 14, 2:04 am

like the time is more important than the year.
I haven’t even been here a year so I’ve nothing to contribute to this topic. Just it seemed a bit lonely.

that would be 2008

1: The forum was white.
2: Barely any population.
3: I was still Uchihakyle.
4: Kd’s name was like KdIuLdLeA
5: I sucked at making music.

Some other things I don’t want to put.

  1. I get up from bed
  2. Before I make breakfast
  3. Every time I hear the word “bot.” (Which is quite often ironically)
  4. When I’m on it
  5. Ninja!

Isn’t that his name now?

I remember posting either the first, or one of the first threads.

When this had a cool embed thing-- …oh you mean from awhile ago (srry couldn’t resist much longer)

YAY POST 600!!!

I remember this site when there wasn’t a featured page.

Ahh, memories.

I remember some sort of ranking system for amount of posts and when 70 posts was a lot. Also, the website was white, not black, when I joined as well as Heartasword, DarkDan12, and JMan1293 being normal users.

I’d like to see it white.

the original home page
random forum page
moar forum page
Is dis teh compose page?

OMG It looks so ugly and deformed.

Looks like those are missing the graphics and what not. I remember it was all white/blue and bright and stuff lol.

Did it look like this forum: link

The colour, yeah. But not the layout. The layout was the same as it is now.

Oh ok, I’m relieved.

I don’t even know if I’ve been on here for a year…Maybe 3/4 of a year, but I’m still close.

I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to remember anything from the old notessimo…

When was the site changed?

PS, Kongratz on being a mod, SK.

What do yo9u mean being a mod? He’s blue, not green.