I want to know some professional tips

I can’t make a decent song and need advice. I stink at making music! I need more help on pitch use, advanced tempo, and what instruments go best together.please, help PLEASE

BTW: I was just using the strike through for fun.

I didn’t put the scratched text for any reason. I just like using it. :D


A) lol I’m Tsukasa. Don’t double post, please! Seriously, it kills kittens. (lol comic sans)
b ) ( B) B) -,- smileys messing with my post dangit!!!) Lol pitch can’t help you there
C)Tempo use… There should be a guide or two explaining some of that stuff, I think its all mainly on changing the tempo to be the equivalent of other time signatures/ triplets


D) Which instruments go well together? The amount is staggering. You can find a way to combine just about any instrument well with another with the right volume, placement, and panning. My personal favorite though is Damant Spectrum and Clean Electric down low for Bass. It sounds heavenly.

All your questions seem to be things that come with time. Just make songs, get critique, and build upon that critique. Don’t be in such a rush. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither are songs. We all sucked at one point in time too, if you happened to hear every one of our first songs… You would be surprised I think. And the people that look like their first song is absolutely amazing, they all seem to have one thing in common, “I have been making songs on notessimo for [insert random long amount of time] before i made an account”.


Can you give us an example of one of your songs?

Also none of us are professional :slight_smile:

The only song in his “content” is Factory X. Which happens to be the wrong file type :confused:

One of the most important things about music is rhythm. You wanna give your audience a feel of the beat of your song. Something to tap your foot to.

As for the pitch, “Hold your tongue, good composer… Just listen…”

Well it depends what genre you’re making!

Still, you need rhythm.

i should need this

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I want to hear the first song of Ali=3ns then

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