IAMDEAD. by xx



nice loop :3

Tempo 500=Video game

Tempo 999=Screwed up computer >:)

I’ll try others


You’re gonna cause a mass suicide!

when you hear it over and over I’t kinda does want me to commit scuicide…(not really :lol: )

Lavender Town…!!! Brings back old memories… (the song)… of death… I wanna go kill myself now thanks to you. Thank you Kiroto

My my notessimo gets people MINDFUCKED and now people wanna commit scuicide!!! It makes no friggin sence!!! I knew people hated notessimo but I didn’t know they hated it THAT bad!!!

I have spent 2 years into notessimo and I still suck at it :(

Seriously I feel like crying…sniff