Ice by Aliens Exist =3

This FINALLY got finished!

I was focussing more on the bassline than the accual melody…

(Whoops! : /)

<_< anyway

A few things… How does George. C Van Liew post his pictures? I can’t upload them! and I don’t have a link! I’m not completley sure that I’m going to make that awesome song from that awesome game The song was: Through Traffic - From Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Too bad I have a PS3 and can’t get Free riders :(

I’ve been making small sketches of the songs

So far I’ve only made the ICE GLASIER CAVERN

as to ICE

So thank you for reading the discription, you deserve a cookie :3
and Magma should be out next week.

also… ( MK bassline near the end )


Repetitive but great melody.

Needs more crystals. (No, not really.)

Spike ate them all…

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tetris on 8 & 6

also, great reference, Aliens Exist.

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that melody is too similar to tetris on sheet 8 and 6.

go to and get a URL of pictures from your comp :D.

Sheet 13 - Whoa. Mortal Kombat?

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thank you George!

Yay! this song has 2 songs that are my favorite! xD