if you want to collab on an orchestra-ish song

Hey I just wanted to collab and because I don’t want to join one i figured I would request.

I can’t make the BEST of music so maybe one of my beginnings will work out if someone else contributes!
I’ve started it in the file attached, and it sounds neat. I almost want it to be a title theme to a video game, the beginning guitars being a logo for a company beforehand (like the tune for Rareware in DK games, how its a little tune detached from the regular title theme). If you would like to remove sheet 1 because it sounds nicer, go ahead.
Thank you for your time, and let’s make a great collab.
ORCHESTRATED awesomeness.note (610 Bytes)


sighs I KNOW. but my post would get so lost in there noone would notice it.
Besides, they say if they don’t use that for it then delete or lock. Once I found someone to work with I would have deleted it and it would be gone. I understad it seems like I am ignoring lots of rulez around here, I TRY to check for things like that. anything pinned at the top i often read due to those usually being rules &or guidelines.

I have altered the orchestrated awesomeness file so here’s the new one: ORCHESTRATED awesomeness improved i think.note (1.35 KB)

Just post in that topic, you probably will get more attention there, because some people will get notifications on that thread, than here, besides from me bumping this topic to the top. You, also, can’t delete or lock your own topic,I believe, so a mod would have to do it and they may give you a warning point.

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Please follow the rules, you don’t have any special privileges.

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