I'm back and Happy Birthday Clearwater by Your Friend T.V.

Clearwater, i made this song for you because it’s your birthday, i hope you like it.

This song is inspired by Summer’s Heat by Cartrox.

This song tells the story of why i’m back.

The Rock part (beginning) aqquires the happiness of being back on this site.

The Random part between is the craziness of being back.

The Techno part remembers you this is familiar to my Happy Birthday song to Cartrox because of the chord.

The Random part between is the exciting period of having a birthday cake.

The Classical part is for Clearwater Sapphire, because it’s her birthday.

Well, i hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

Use the old player for the better Strings #3 sound.

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is this serious

Thank you very much for the (part) birthday song! :smiley: