I'm Horrified by Timothy Verbist

Oh dear, it’s not terrible enough i had to miss woodworking, but now, the Yamaha Tyros 4 has to go. :cry:

But i hope Yamaha Launches Tyros 5 & Tyros 5+ (the 5+ with 76 keys & the Tyros with 68 keys & a Tyros with 79 keys.)

Yep, it’s another sad song i composed because i’m so horrified.

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I think you’ve confused “horrified” for “anguished”.

This is actually pretty good, but my only complaint is the note lengths. I know you wanted to have them like they were sustaining, but since the piano sustain sounds like strings, and you had them holding out really long, it gets kind of messy.

Just shorten them a bit next time.

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I don’t get it.

So, you’re… “horrified” about an New model of keyboard?

No, Aliens! I’m horrified about the Tyros 4 is about to be discontinued. :frowning: