I'm making a game! (And I need your help!)

Download (version r-

The game must be unpacked in order to run at all; at the current point in time, only windows users can run the game right now (unless someone happened to download their operating system’s natives from lwjgl.org and replace the .dll’s with that)

All game files are editabled by use of a tool such as NBTEdit or something similar.

Help Needed

I’ve gotten pretty good at Java over the past two years, and I’ve been making steady progress on this game in the past few weeks, but I still need help! Some things that I need help with are:

  • Character class sprites (warrior, thief, mage, etc.) (32x32)

  • Enemy sprites (64x96)

  • possibly include a name if you feel like it

  • Tile art (grass, trees) (32x32)

  • these may be larger than 32x32, but it must be a direct multiples, I will need to split the image into those dimensions

  • if the tile will impede movement (stop player from moving)

  • true or false, don’t make this a big deal please

  • Weapons

  • name

  • type (sword, axe, bow, magic, etc.)

  • average damage

  • damage range (max range above/below the average damage, please no 0’s unless magic or god weapon)

- Storyline

  • literally anything goes here, except guns or futuristic settings which have guns (fallout with swords is completely okay)
  • I have almost no creative juices so anything is better than nothing, especially when it comes to this stuff
  • not too crazy, try to make it make sense
  • write it kind of like a story, you can go however in-depth you wish.

Game Files

Game Save (*.sav, *.sav.bak)


  • party
  • member…
  • (int) defense
  • (int) health
  • (int) strength
  • (int) texture
  • (string) className
  • (string) name
  • magic
  • spell…
  • (int) level
  • (int) magicID

This is mostly self explanatory, hopefully.
Currently al of the stats do nothing except for the name. Don’t worry they’ll have uses later (hopefully).

Map file: (*.map)


  • layer0
  • (boolean) enemies
  • (int) id
  • (string) name
  • layer1
  • tile…
  • (int) tileID
  • (int) x
  • (int) y

layer0: The attributes
boolean enemies:
I say this is a boolean, but really it’s an integer, but the only accepted values are 0 (false) and 1 (true). This represents if enemies are allowed to spawn on this map.

int id:
This is a map-specific id number, used for loading other maps.

string name:
This is a string describing the map (e.g. BossRoom1, KeyRoom, etc.)

layer1: The tiles
int tileID:
This is the tile-specific id, one per different tile.

ints x, y:
The x & y coordinates of the tile to be rendered at, on the grid system).


This game uses the up, left, down, and, right arrows for navigation, and the mouse is never used. Currently the controls are immutable and cannot be changed, however in the future (when the options item on the main menu actually works) there will be a way to change these settings.

Title Screen / crash screen:
Enter: select item

Game Screen:
Up arrow: move the player up
Left arrow: move the player left
Down arrow: move the player down
Right arrow: move the player right
F3: toggles the ‘debug’ mode (displays information relating to map)
G: toggles the grid mode (shows the 32x32 map grid)

Battle Screen:
Enter: select item / enemy
Backslash: return to the player controls (attack, magic, items, skip)
F3: toggles the ‘debug’ mode (displays slightly useful information relating to the current battle)

So, what else can we do to help, besides the storyline? Does it have to be fantasy-themed?

Spriting (player, enemy, map, etc.).
Determining usable terrains (can the player walk on certain tiles that the enemy cannot, vice versa).
Creating and balancing statistics (weapon damage, accuracy, HP, MP, skills, etc.).
Will there be a run system involved? Will the player be limited to a certain distance of constant running before stamina runs out? Does stamina even exist in the game?
Is it turn-based combat or real-time combat?
Is there a travelling party, or is it just one player?
Bug detection, and possibly, bugfixes.


I don’t really know, I was planning on something similar to the old legend of zelda games, so I guess. Still not too sure on the plot though.

There is currently not a run system, but I’m thinking that there may be an item that when equipped will give a speed boost. As for stamina, there will be stamina, it will be associated more with different attacks (like secondary attacks are available every so often).
I was thinking along the lines of real-time combat, but if I’m unsuccessful at that I will make it turn-based, and add an option later for real-time (think Chrono Trigger).
I’m thinking one player at this point, but depending on how well development goes in this next week there may be a party (but one person would travel on the map, and upon entering a battle, the party would magically appear out of the player on the map, because it’s a game and it’s possible)

Still early on in the basics of the game, so these answers may not be final. At this point, I’m really just looking to the Notessimo community for ideas to add into the game, so any suggestion would be nice (as long as it falls within the realm of plausibility; this won’t turn into some kind of 3D revolutionary gaming experience).

Also, about spriting / weapon stats / tile creation:
All textures are 32x32 in size (pixels), and the game supports alpha* (thank god), however this does not mean that alpha should be used willy-nilly (invisible tiles, entities, and weapons are a definite no-no).

When spriting:
Please tell me what for don’t just show me pictures.

When creating weapons:
These are the only things I truly care about:

  • Name
  • Brief description (graphical, leave blank if you don’t care)
  • Type (sword, axe, bow, magic, etc.)
  • Damage
    ​- minimum requirements (sword level, axe level, magic level, total level)
  • Description to be shown in-game (e.g. at store)

When creating tiles:

  • Texture (if any)
  • Impedes movement (can be walked over)
  • alpha is pixel transparency (0 is fully transparent; 255 is opaque, in-between I hope you can figure out)

Another idea for the party thing would be to switch between characters mid-combat, if you want to implement real-time combat.

Can I do some of the music? I think I could make some really good stuff! What kind would you want, Chiptune (like classic NES games), Orchestral (like modern Zelda games), Metal (like F-Zero), Electronica, Techno, etc.

Oh yeah, and the reason that I made this post in the first place (then rambled and forgot). I need help with music, that’s a really big issue, seeing as I can’t make any myself.

Also, to answer your question: I’m thinkning either orchestral or metal or a mix of both would be awesome.

Game update:
The game fighting mechanics are going to be finished soon for testing (with textureless enemies & players of course), probably will be finished by this Sunday.
It would be Friday if I weren’t going to Iron Man 3 at 8 (probably won’t be home from school until like midnight), and then Saturday will probably be the day most of the work will get done. But I also have to ‘study’ for the “incredibly difficult” STAAR tests (Texas’ standardized test) I have all next week, along with a robotics club meeting on Saturday night (hopefully I’ll be done by then).

I put the downoad link for the current version in the first post. Currently you can move around in a blocked in area, get battles where you one hit enemies, and they dont’ fight back. Exciting, I know!

I’m getting two links. Which one do I click?!

Click on the very first link at the top of the first post. I guess I should say “Download (build r-x.x.x.x)” instead.

I just released the r0.0.1.0 update.

Games now saved in documents folder (documents\my games\GNTBC\saves)

Directory is created if not already present
New Game Button
Load Game Button
Message Test Button (nifty popup window I made, it’s moveable and closeable)
Ability to save and load games, as well as create new ones
pressing LEFT CONTROL + S while on the map screen will save the game (it won’t tell you it does, but it does)

Also, in the next update (probably on Sunday, maybe Wednesday as it’s my last day of school) will include:

Pause menu (finally)
Magic! (like one spell, but it’s better than none)
The SDK (separate download)

Will have features for editing maps (.map), save files (.sav), and tile (.tile.set) & entity datasets (.ent.set)

So a little, unintended update, I discovered the game that was available for download didn’t work…so I just spent about an hour learning how to JNI. The new download is an installer / updater / game launcher for GNTBC. So when there’s an update available it will tell you.

(I was halfway through an actual update when I realized this, so there’s a few new things)

  • Cooler loading screen
  • New Game screen tells you how many characters you have left in a name (7 max)
  • message box looks cooler (I spent, no joke, two hours making it look better, it’s sad)

Still no pause screen…

wait, you can ask for video game help on a NOTESSOMO FORUM?
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