Im starting to hate newgrounds.

Im 13, so I cant post my music! this SUCKS!

heres what you do:

1.) make a new profile.
2.) for birth date put “11-5-1989”
3.) you are now 19 yrs old and can upload your music.

How old do you need to be?

I’m guessing 19

Oh. Thanks.

Stop being so young. You whippersnapper, with your low pants and your rock and roll music!

Just kidding. Lie about your age like everyone else does.

I know lie about your age like everyone. Except me 8-) .

its obvious Sandy (ya got a problem with that?) is 3000 years old. Why else would his name be Sandalman3000? That’d be lying.

Or 3000 is a number he decided to pick.

EDIT: Nevermind. I clicked on his username to view his profile, and he is 100 years old, not 3000. Sorry Sandy.

lol He is 100.

Wtf I thought I was 107. Gotta fix that.

I thought you were 108

Too many numbers!
He’s this big of a number.
Count the ticks, I think this could be it.