I'm still only 12, but slightly older by, like, a day. by Unknown


This is what happens when you let a twelve-year-old play notessimo, Either that or they would just completely obliterate it, and i will add more to this song


I don’t know what to add next and give me a cookie if you like!
-WiNkY wOlLy ApOcOlOpToGoN
Thanks guys for the suggestions I most likely change the retarded sheets!

Add a transistor sheet of sheet 6. A sheet like sheet 6 but with transition effects, then after that, add in the fast beat again.
Its just a suggestion. I could just give you a cookie if you like.

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gives you a cookie
Great work here. The only suggestion that I have is to change sheet 0 a bit, the synths don’t really fit in with sheets 1 and 2. Maybe add a drum beat to the end, so that it fits in better. Taking that sheet out, amazing stuff. 5/5.

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Im 12 :D. THis is pretty nice here.


… If you’re actually 12… well then… o_O

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