Inspiration (People of Notessimo)

Inspiration (People of Notessimo), Solo Community Collaboration V484333
Inspiration #1 total updates: 1
Inspiration #2 total updates: 2
Inspiration #3 total updates: 0

I am horrible at continuing/finishing songs.

Altogether, this should be a 100+ minute collection of music. There will be ten different songs in total, all being approximately ten minutes long containing the styles of ten people, all separate from their predecessor yet still inclusive for transitional purposes.

Overall due date is whenever it’s done. Lol nope it’s dead

​Green: Finished

Update: new laptop just died on me out of nowhere, and since this was never posted, all progress has been loss. Time to restart, once again…
Update 8/8/16: Restarted. Spending a lot of time on this now, part 1 shall be finished within the next few weeks.

Official List

…Names…Start Date…End Date…Start Time…End Time…Total Time

  1. Apocoloptogon…8/8/16…8/8/16…0:00…~1:39…~1:39:00
  2. GCVL…
  3. Hellstick…
    4. Blargzargo Hlaaluington…
  4. Sandalman3000…
    6. Reversed Reference
  5. Timothy Verbist
  6. Dusty Shane
  7. Spacepixel
  8. Krawkyz
  9. Kryptic
  10. User
  11. Trevz
  12. Executioner
  13. Zildex
  14. Velociraptori
  15. Paratominium
  16. Malice
  17. Clearwater
  18. Antonim
  19. Mr. Ponk
  20. Ashe
  21. I’ll Allow It
  22. SteveHarris
  23. Roastmasters
  24. The
  25. Kaveman
  26. SuperNintendoGameboy
  27. ThatOneGasMaskDude0
  28. Hypo
  29. Abderian Agelast
  30. mrfedy6564
  31. TwistedFireX
  32. kamarai
  33. Cirno
  34. Octomarine_
  35. イカ息子
  36. Lord Calculus VIIII
  37. Star
  38. JMan1293
  39. Kdiuldlea
  40. fishrocker
  41. Tsukasa
  42. DD12
  43. Nuse
  44. I♥music
  45. Sparrow Bjorn
  46. Skeletee
    50. DarkChameleon
  47. No_One
  48. Basket
  49. Marcus A. Jones
  50. MusicMaster
  51. AddyIcedTea
  52. KAROTS
  53. Lukas
  54. Eclipse
  55. UnderKhaoS
  56. CtelinAjira
  57. qoby
  58. devin
  59. Tuxedo3002
  60. Lightning Splash
  61. VDragon54
  62. Diggity
  63. MellifluousMelodyMaker
  64. sihplak
  65. QVX797
  66. Jollabollathan
  67. coolplay
  68. Adiamorph
  69. Skaia
  70. Dr. Dre
  71. Yellowtail J44
  72. W0lfe
  73. Leifeday
  74. Cup of Joe
  75. Eleventy 49
  76. Clonefan841
  77. Starburst
  78. Skyriad
  79. Bron Skien
  80. Austin
  81. ThisIsDaleb
    ​86. Onionability
  82. Samba94
  83. C-aleb
  84. ES10Messi
  85. 4in1
  86. ViceroyOfMonteCristo
  87. Kurono
  88. Slippy
  89. Sonfax
  90. Auroracirrus
  91. nonspinyespeon
  92. Zygote
  93. ugothacked
  94. Idea
  95. Muci

add Timothy Verbist

Since I am in the list, when you do my part it better be like 24 time signature changes in a minute or something.
But really, as a suggestion you should probably add Spacepixel

I like this! :slight_smile:

Im not sure i can fit 24 into a minute, but i can do one or two if you like, and i added him .

Also, I think I might have to redo Malice’s part, since I put it in 4/4

I was just joking : P.
Just make it proggggggggressive with a bit of odd time signatures if you can.

If I can get all 20 done soon, I may keep on going to 25 or even more.

You should do all 2100+

yeah no

What does the underline mean?

It seperates the 4 sections i will be posting at a time. For example, after i finish Spacepixel’s part, i will post the song and will continue on to the 6th part, QVX’s

That means I will be the beginning to the 3rd section :smiley:

Hooray, I’m the finale for the second section!

goddammit nvm.

3 hours on Hellstick’s part and I still can’t get it to sound similar

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Cool idea.

I’m looking forward to see how you intepret my style as well as everyone else! Cheers mate and best of luck!:slight_smile:

Missed the cutoff, ah well.

If you like, I will try to finish this as fast as possible, and do more

Do I even have a set style? I have no complete songs.

I have only finished two myself, but I have a specific style. If you just want me to base your part off of one or two songs, then i’ll do that.