(Instrument)V4 General Grand Piano for V3 Standard

I don’t know why it made this a random remix of Hellstick’s Ignore This.

Experimental. Import this into V3 Standard via the OG file in description.
Made with the assistance of Antonim.

Importing still doesn’t work at the moment. Takes a long time to load then I get Dude No!! Error #1502

Ahhhhhh there is a perceptual hash created for every file and the “Ignore this” must be empty or equal to the default one, I’ll add an exception for this.

While you’re at it can you figure out why this can’t be used with the Merge option in V3? Have a look at the note file, I deleted the default V3 Standard samples and icons and left only the one Grand Piano icon and it’s samples.

I’ll have a quick look when I have the time, not sure what could be the issue

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